Christmas Gift Ideas

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  1. Revolution Black 6'' x 12'' Wheel - Deep Dish
    Special Price US$90.50 US$75.42 Regular Price US$98.48
  2. Mini Sport 4 Pin Differential Kit
    Special Price US$282.66 US$235.55 Regular Price US$293.35
  3. Final Drive Kit - Standard Semi Helical - 4.10:1
    Special Price US$268.94 US$224.12 Regular Price US$290.63
  4. 12 to 10 Brake Caliper Conversion Kit - AP Calipers
    Special Price US$547.80 US$456.50 Regular Price US$596.09
  5. Works Style Lamp Bar - Black
    Special Price US$94.98 US$79.15 Regular Price US$98.33
  6. Mini Vented 8.4'' Disc Drive Assembly Alloy Hubs and Flanges - Orange
    Special Price US$2,047.42 US$1,706.18 Regular Price US$2,137.63
  7. Mini Sport Alloy Heater Matrix Pipe Adapter Kit
    Special Price US$14.26 US$11.88 Regular Price US$16.32
  8. 998cc Mini Crankshafts

    From US$684.56 US$570.47

    To US$774.00 US$645.00

  9. Gearbox Bearing Kit - A+
    Special Price US$150.31 US$125.26 Regular Price US$177.61
  10. Radiator - 2 Core SuperCool - High flow - Alloy - Side Mounting
    Special Price US$167.86 US$139.88 Regular Price US$171.46
  11. Negative Camber & Tracking Kit inc Poly Bushes
    Special Price US$146.40 US$122.00 Regular Price US$159.43

Items 1-12 of 512

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