Christmas Gift Ideas

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  1. Alloy Rocker Cover - All Mini Models
    Special Price US$65.50 US$54.58 Regular Price US$75.02
  2. Adjusta Ride Full car set
    Special Price US$119.53 US$99.61 Regular Price US$135.53
  3. 1.7:1 Roller Tip Rockers - Alloy
    Special Price US$261.44 US$217.87 Regular Price US$293.63
  4. 3 Synchro Straight Cut Gear Kit
    Special Price US$418.79 US$348.99 Regular Price US$430.24
  5. Adjustable Lower Arms - Rose Jointed Heavy Duty
    Special Price US$161.93 US$134.94 Regular Price US$168.06
  6. Mini Alloy 7.9'' Disc Brake Assembly
    Special Price US$2,150.58 US$1,792.15 Regular Price US$2,245.33
  7. 1400cc Stage 4 Mini Engine
    US$6,959.45 US$5,799.54
  8. Mini Sport Drop Gear Set - A+
    Special Price US$307.16 US$255.97 Regular Price US$317.51
  9. Mini Sport 4 Pin Differential Kit
    Special Price US$303.34 US$252.78 Regular Price US$314.82
  10. Alloy Radiator - 2 Core Mini 1959-92
    Special Price US$110.88 US$92.40 Regular Price US$162.12
  11. 850cc Mini Crankshafts

    From US$749.10 US$624.25

    To US$795.36 US$662.80

  12. Stage 1 Tuning Kit - 1275 SPi - inc K&N 57i
    Special Price US$455.48 US$379.57 Regular Price US$493.26

Items 1-12 of 522

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