Front End Panels

As part of the Classic Mini Body & Panels range at Mini Sport, we also house a dedicated Front End Panel department with a selection of high quality, genuine and OE (original specification) replacement Mini Front End Panels. Our selection of Front End Panels includes Bonnets & Fixings, Front Panels, Wings & Inner Wings, Bulkhead & X-Members, Headlamp Mountings, Bumpers and Scuttle Panels.

Our Front End Panels are available with a range of fitting components, ideal for home fitting. However, if you wish to have any panels replaced professionally then please take a look at our fully furnished Body Shop & Spray Centre, where are experts have gained international acclaim for their Mini Builds & Restoration projects.

For further information or advice on our Classic Mini Front End Panels or our Body Shop services, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the helpful Mini Sport team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send an e-mail to


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  1. Mini Bumper Fitting Kit - Stainless UNF
    Special Price US$2.15 US$1.79 Regular Price US$2.52
  2. Bonnet Outer Skin Only Mk3 - Unpainted - 1970-1997
    Special Price US$134.23 US$111.86 Regular Price US$139.62
  3. Bulkhead Blanking Plate
    Special Price US$30.50 US$25.42 Regular Price US$31.02
  4. Bonnet Stay Rubber Mini Mk1/2
    Special Price US$2.58 US$2.15 Regular Price US$3.62
  5. Bulkhead X Member Complete Assembly - Genuine
    Special Price US$176.50 US$147.08 Regular Price US$180.55
  6. Genuine Bulkhead to X-Member Support Bracket - LH 1970-2001
    Special Price US$44.86 US$37.38 Regular Price US$46.57
  7. Inner Wing LH Mini '69-'89 with A Panel - Genuine
    Special Price US$317.05 US$264.21 Regular Price US$327.41
  8. LH Wing - Mini '97on - Genuine
    Special Price US$155.04 US$129.20 Regular Price US$160.08
  9. Genuine Front Panel 1997-2001
    Special Price US$287.36 US$239.47 Regular Price US$294.91
  10. Mini Clubman Headlight Panel RH
    Special Price US$24.11 US$20.09 Regular Price US$25.02
  11. Bonnet Lock Stiffener Panel - Clubman
    Special Price US$48.49 US$40.41 Regular Price US$50.02
  12. Genuine Bulkhead Assembly 1976-1989
    Special Price US$686.34 US$571.95 Regular Price US$703.07

Items 1-12 of 200

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