Steering Wheels

The joy of driving lies in the control we feel when we turn the wheel towards where we want to go – so being able to ensure that you’re using your ideal steering gear is of the utmost importance.


Here at Mini Sport, we are proud to present our comprehensive range of Mini steering wheels and accessories that have been designed to either match the originals or to enhance your driving – or both.


The only constant in our wide selection is the high-quality products that are able to help you to get the best out of your Mini – whether you’re using it as an everyday runner, saving it for special occasions or love to take it out on the rally course.


Mini Sport’s High-Quality Mini Steering Wheels


Our carefully-picked Mini steering range includes:


  • Classic Mini Replacements – Restoring your Mini back to its former glory? We have a number of classic Mini steering wheels that work as ideal replicas of the originals. Whether you need a wooden, vinyl or leather steering wheel, we have everything you need to evoke the spirit of the classic.
  • Mini Steering Wheels For Customisation – Customising your Mini? Whether you’re running or racing, we have a vast selection of steering wheels designed for all occasions – and all driving styles. Our steering wheels are available in a variety of diameters and shaped flat or dished, dependent on your driving style/preferences.
  • Mini Steering Accessories – Need a new Mini horn? What about a boss kit to fit your wheel to a particular Mini model? Maybe you simply need some steering nuts to secure your wheel? We have all the Mini steering accessories you could need to improve the condition and capabilities of your steering equipment.


Choose Mini Sport For High-Quality Mini Parts and Spares


Our collection of Mini steering wheels and accessories is only a small part of our complete Mini repair, restoration and customisation service. No matter if you’re searching for a couple of spare parts or looking to build your own vehicle from scratch, we have everything you will need.


Ever since the heyday of the Mini, the Mini Sport team have been providing customers with a complete service, supplying them with all the right parts they need. Be it an everyday runner or a something to race, our experience in selecting the right parts is unrivalled.


As a family-run business, we understand the importance of respecting history and protecting the value of tradition – features that are also rich in the Mini. Through our approach and expertise, our family-led business has grown to be a world-leading Mini specialist, a position that continues to allow us to offer the best value parts around.


Have Any Questions On Anything Mini? Get In Touch!


Please feel free to browse our range of Mini steering wheels and accessories – click on any of the products for more information. If you have any questions about any of our products, our service or on Mini servicing in general, we would be delighted to hear from you. You can call us on 01282 778731 or you can send us an e-mail at

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  1. Mini 13" Sport Steering Wheel - Black with Red Stitching
    Special Price US$44.21 US$36.84 Regular Price US$49.44
  2. 13" Flat Woodrim Steering Wheel with Polished Spokes
    Special Price US$223.56 US$186.30 Regular Price US$230.23
  3. 13" Flat Black Leather Steering Wheel with Polished Spokes
    Special Price US$223.56 US$186.30 Regular Price US$230.23
  4. Mountney Traditional 340mm - Black Leather
    Special Price US$90.72 US$75.60 Regular Price US$94.15
  5. Mountney M Range 320mm - Black Leather & Silver Spokes
    Special Price US$85.30 US$71.08 Regular Price US$88.18
  6. Mountney Sport Mini Steering Wheel - Burr Walnut Inset
    Special Price US$64.48 US$53.73 Regular Price US$70.34
  7. Mountney M Range 340mm - Black Leather & Black Spokes
    Special Price US$52.81 US$44.01 Regular Price US$54.42
  8. Mountney Traditional 340mm - Black Vinyl & Black Spokes
    Special Price US$56.57 US$47.14 Regular Price US$58.61

Items 1-8 of 76

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