Door Handles & Locks

For high quality Door Handles & Locks for Classic Mini, browse our dedicated selection, as part of the Grilles & Brightwork Department at Mini Sport. Our comprehensive range of Interior Door Handles covers every finish and styling with original specification and genuine types in Burr Walnut, Charcoal and Alloy with a complete range of lock fittings and variations. 

As part of our Classic Mini Door Handle selections,  we stock a complete range of Cooper Car Company and Paddy Hopkirk Mini Interior parts which includes Alloy Billet/ Aluminium Door Openers, Alloy Billet / Aluminium Door Pulls, Alloy Billet / Aluminium Window Winders and Alloy Billet / Aluminium Lock Covers, in a range of classic finishes. We also stock Mini Door Cards & TrimGearknobsMirrorsPedals and Headlining Kits as part of the Mini SportMini Interior Trim range. 

If you have any enquiries or require any additional advice on our Door Handles & Locks, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our friendly team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send an e-mail to


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  1. Chrome Mk1 Door Handle Set 1959-67
    Special Price US$157.67 US$131.39 Regular Price US$162.00
  2. Chrome Door Handle Set - Mk3 Door/Mk1 Boot
    Special Price US$145.87 US$121.56 Regular Price US$151.02
  3. Chrome Mk3 Door Handle Set 1970-01
    Special Price US$97.31 US$81.09 Regular Price US$100.26
  4. Door Handle Gasket - Mk3 - small end
    Special Price US$1.06 US$0.88 Regular Price US$1.09
  5. Door and Boot Handle Fitting Kit
    Special Price US$8.22 US$6.85 Regular Price US$8.64
  6. Chrome Mk2 Door Handle Set 1967-69
    Special Price US$239.22 US$199.35 Regular Price US$247.04
  7. Door Handle Gasket - Mk3 - Lock end
    Special Price US$2.52 US$2.10 Regular Price US$2.69
  8. Boot Handle Mini Mk1/2 Van/Est
    Special Price US$37.33 US$31.11 Regular Price US$38.59
  9. Door Lock Barrel Set - MK1
    Special Price US$72.48 US$60.40 Regular Price US$74.44
  10. Door Escutcheon Seal Mk1/2
    Special Price US$4.74 US$3.95 Regular Price US$4.92
  11. Chrome Mk2 Door Handle Boss
    Special Price US$12.67 US$10.56 Regular Price US$13.09
  12. Door Handle Safety Boss Seal
    Special Price US$1.64 US$1.37 Regular Price US$1.73

Items 1-12 of 16

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