Classic Restoration Parts

As specialists in Classic Mini and Classic Car restoration, the extensive Classic Restoration Parts range at Mini Sport has everything required to restore a Classic Mini responsibly and reliably with emphasis on quality and authenticity. As part of our broader Mini Body & Panels department, the Classic Restoration Part selections at Mini Sport includes genuine and OE (Original Specification) brackets, fixings, shrouds and mountings for all Classic Mini models.

This selection of restoration parts includes exclusive and limited edition fitments and fixings like 24 Piece Ash Wood Kits for Mini Travellers, Kick Plates and Works Dashboards. Please note, we provide internationally acclaimed Restoration services for all Classic Mini Models with an exceptional archive of notable restorations and project builds. Fore more information on Classic Mini Restoration at Mini Sport please visit our official Restoration page. 

For further information or advice on our Classic Mini Restoration Parts, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the helpful Mini Sport team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send an e-mail to

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  1. Jack Bag
    Special Price US$62.92 US$52.43 Regular Price US$72.80
  2. Boot Board Rear Centre Mounting Locking Bracket
    Special Price US$9.18 US$7.65 Regular Price US$10.33
  3. Oil Cooler Bracket - Cooper 'S'
    Special Price US$8.35 US$6.96 Regular Price US$9.72
  4. Radius Arm Nipple Shroud Mk1 - Reproduction - RH
    Special Price US$8.26 US$6.88 Regular Price US$9.10
  5. Radius Arm Nipple Shroud Mk1 - Reproduction - LH
    Special Price US$8.26 US$6.88 Regular Price US$9.10
  6. Boot Board Rear Mounting Bracket Stand
    Special Price US$8.09 US$6.74 Regular Price US$9.18
  7. Boot Board Front Mounting Bracket
    Special Price US$6.11 US$5.09 Regular Price US$6.73
  8. Top Dash Rail Demist Vent Surround
    Special Price US$8.99 US$7.49 Regular Price US$10.20
  9. Vinyl covering for lower dash rail - Black
    Special Price US$11.28 US$9.40 Regular Price US$12.95
  10. Dash Vinyl Top Rail & Pillars - Black
    Special Price US$15.13 US$12.61 Regular Price US$16.88
  11. Door Pocket Moulding - Mini Mk1/2
    Special Price US$20.95 US$17.46 Regular Price US$22.87
  12. Fitting Kit for Wood Kit on Mini Traveller
    Special Price US$56.38 US$46.98 Regular Price US$61.94

Items 1-12 of 28

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