Battery Fittings

Browse our range of genuine & original specification battery fittings for all Classic Mini models at Mini Sport. Our battery fitting selection includes Battery Bolt Fixings, Battery Cables, Battery Bars, Battery covers and straps, Earth Straps and Immobiliser Battery terminals for easy fitment.

Just a small part of Mini Sport’s huge range of Classic Mini electrical equipment which also covers dynamos, starter motors, alternators, wiper motors, wiring looms, headlamps, indicators, ignition systems, distributors, spot lamps, bulbs and fuse boxes.

If you require any help or advice on our Battery Fittings or any other Electrical & Lighting products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Mini Sport team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send an e-mail to

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  1. Battery Lead Bracket for Clutch Housing
    Special Price US$16.38 US$13.65 Regular Price US$18.77
  2. Negative battery Cable - Battery to Boot Floor
    Special Price US$6.19 US$5.16 Regular Price US$7.02
  3. Positive Battery Cable - 127'' 1990-2001
    Special Price US$44.24 US$36.87 Regular Price US$48.67
  4. Engine Earth Strap - 33cm 1959-2001
    Special Price US$8.70 US$7.25 Regular Price US$9.76
  5. Battery J Bolt Fixing - front 75mm
    Special Price US$1.92 US$1.60 Regular Price US$2.17
  6. Battery J Bolt Fixing - rear 85mm
    Special Price US$13.14 US$10.95 Regular Price US$14.90
  7. Battery Holder Metal Bar
    Special Price US$13.06 US$10.88 Regular Price US$14.59
  8. DIS-CAR-NECT - immobiliser battery terminal
    Special Price US$14.05 US$11.71 Regular Price US$16.32
  9. Positive battery cable - 134'' 1985-90
    Special Price US$45.01 US$37.51 Regular Price US$48.67
  10. Battery J Bolt Fixing - front 60mm
    Special Price US$5.52 US$4.60 Regular Price US$6.60
  11. Battery J Bolt Fixing - rear 60mm
    Special Price US$2.33 US$1.94 Regular Price US$2.75
  12. Battery Cover Strap
    Special Price US$11.74 US$9.78 Regular Price US$13.00

Items 1-12 of 15

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