Electrical & Lighting

Mini Sport supplies a full range of Electrical & Lighting components for use in all Classic Mini and Mini Cooper models. Our selection of Electrical & Lighting options covers both interior and exterior electrics with a full range of fittings, brackets and leads.

Explore Aerials, Alternators, Battery Cut Off Switches, Battery Fittings, Bulbs, Cable Protection, Dash Switches & Fittings, Distributor parts in both performance and standard specification, dynamo & voltage regulators, electronic ignition systems and ignition leads.

We also stock lighting parts for Classic Mini styling including Spot Lamps, Spot Lamp Brackets, Warning Lights, Lamp Pods and Headlamps & Components.

You can shop the full Electrical & Lighting collection as part of Mini Sport’s, Mini Mechanical Parts with help and advice from the Mini Sport team. If you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on or alternatively send an e-mail to sales@minisport.com


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  1. Classic Style Mini Chrome Driving Lamps
    Special Price $76.42 $63.68 Regular Price $88.38
  2. Headlamp Assembly - no rim with motor short lead Mini MPI (LHD)
    Special Price $121.46 $101.22 Regular Price $140.50
  3. Courtesy Light Door Switch - each
    Special Price $5.65 $4.71 Regular Price $6.32
  4. Bulb Holder for Side Repeater 1986-2001
    Special Price $23.80 $19.83 Regular Price $27.30
  5. DIS-CAR-NECT - immobiliser battery terminal
    Special Price $13.84 $11.53 Regular Price $16.07
  6. Lucas Sports Ignition Coil
    Special Price $40.70 $33.92 Regular Price $45.19
  7. Contact Set for Ducelier type
    Special Price $9.34 $7.78 Regular Price $11.89
  8. Contact Set - for Lucas 25D Distributor
    Special Price $4.84 $4.03 Regular Price $5.56

Items 1-12 of 567

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