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Mini Suspension: A Focus on Camber Kits
Suspension Bushes & Bumpstops: The Cushioning Masters of Your Mini

To master the roads or dominate the tracks, every aspect of your Mini's suspension must be in pristine condition, and this is where camber kits come into play. These essential kits cater to those who want both optimal day-to-day performance and the capability to push their classic Mini to the limits during competitive races.

Understanding the Role of Camber Kits

Camber is the angle of the wheels relative to the road. It can be 'positive' if the top of the wheels is pointed outwards, or 'negative' if pointed inwards. Camber kits enable precise adjustments of this angle, ensuring optimal road grip and enhancing stability when navigating corners at high speeds.

What Our Range Offers:
  • Negative Camber and Tracking: For those keen on achieving an aggressive stance or improving handling, negative camber is crucial. This not only enhances your Mini's aesthetic appeal but significantly improves road grip, especially in corners. Our comprehensive kits come with everything you need - from negative camber bottom arms to adjustable tie rods and specialized tracking brackets. For enthusiasts looking for a stiffer setup, we also offer kits incorporating poly bushes for reduced system flex.

  • Front Camber and Castor Set: Custom-designed by our expert engineering team, this kit caters to those who want the perfect balance between daily driving and spirited road use. Whether you're keen on a 1.5-degree angle or a more aggressive 2-degree setup, this kit offers the flexibility to adjust your Mini's front wheel angles to your specific driving style.

Moreover, to ensure a holistic approach, we also stock camber and tracking brackets, vital for seamlessly integrating the camber kit into your Mini's suspension system.

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