Mini Suspension

Classic Mini Suspension: A Balance of Tradition and Technology

The driving allure of the Classic Mini hinges upon more than just its iconic design; it’s the mesmerizing dance between vehicle and road that leaves an indelible mark. At the heart of this dance is a well-tuned suspension system, merging the best of both worlds: the ageless charm of the classic Mini and the precision of modern-day technology. Dive into our meticulously curated collection of Mini Suspension parts, each echoing Mini Sport's commitment to preserving the Mini's iconic driving experience.

Suspension: The Unsung Hero of Every Drive

Acting as the vital link between your Mini’s frame and the road, the suspension system dictates every bump, every corner, and every smooth stretch you experience. Designed to bear the rigors of time, elements, and diverse terrains, our suspension parts ensure that your Classic Mini dances on roads just as gracefully as it did decades ago.

Suspension Kit for Classic Mini Suspension Kit for Classic Mini
Tie Rods for classic Mini Suspension Tie Rods for classic Mini Suspension
Here's a Sneak Peek into Our Inventory:

• Suspension Kits: From the innovation-driven Moulton brand to stalwarts like KYB, SPAX, GAZ, GMAX, and our proud Mini Sport brand, we’ve got a spectrum of kits tailored to various driving needs. Whether it's casual cruising, rally racing, or track days, we've got you covered.

 • Shock Absorbers: Seamlessly bridging your Mini with the road, our range spans adjustable shock absorbers, gas types, and coilovers catering to both front and rear placements.


 • Camber Kits: Tailored to fine-tune or completely overhaul wheel alignment, our kits range from the subtle to the dramatic, ensuring your Mini runs just as you envision.

 • Ball Joints & Tie Rods: Ensuring seamless harmony between various moving parts, these components are essential for a safe and fluid driving experience. From Classic Mini to Mini Metro Mk1, our range is expansive and inclusive.

 And this is just the tip of the iceberg! Dive deeper into our collection, and you'll discover treasures like Adjusta ride, bushes & bumps, hydrolastic components, subframe fittings, and much more.

Mini Sport quality parts you can trust Mini Sport quality parts you can trust
Embodying the Spirit of the Classic Mini

Our passion at Mini Sport goes beyond just supplying parts. It's about rekindling the magic of a bygone era, all while infusing it with today's advancements. Every component we offer resonates with the Classic Mini’s spirit, ensuring that each drive is a reminiscent journey into the past, but with the comforts of the present.

Explore, relive, and recreate the unparalleled legacy of the Classic Mini with our suspension parts. If questions arise or guidance is needed, ring us at 01282 778731 or drop us an email at Your Classic Mini deserves nothing but the best, and that's precisely what we aim to deliver.

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