Mini Suspension For Classic Models

Provide your classic Mini with the means to run at its very best with our premier selection of Mini suspension parts. As a world-leading purveyor of ‘everything classic Mini’, we have the means to source (and oftentimes, create our own) parts and accessories that improve the driving experience of all iterations of the Mini.

Mini Suspension Parts and Accessories

Being the system of tires, air, springs, shock absorbers and linkages that connects a car to the wheels, allowing motion and providing protection against damage and wear, the suspension system is a vital aspect of any great driving experience.


The Mini suspension parts that we have available here at Mini Sport includes (but is not limited to):


  • Suspension kits for the classic Mini. We have several different suspension kits, including a set made by the revolutionary Moulton brand and a range of other great manufacturers, including KYB, SPAX, GAZ, GMAX and our own Mini Sport brand. Whether you want to use your Mini as a regular runner on the road, in rallying or track racing, you can feel rest assured that you’ll be able to find the ideal suspension kit here.

  • Shock absorbers. Keeping your Mini’s tyres in constant contact with the ground, ensure that your Mini shock absorbers are the best they can be so they create a good driving experience. The great-value range that we have on sale here at Mini Sport includes adjustable shock absorbers, gas shock absorbers and coilovers for front and rear applications.

  • Camber kits. Ideal to correct or customise your wheel alignment, a high-quality camber kit will let you get on with the job of improving your suspension quickly and easily. Our full range of camber kits includes negative camber & tracking, as well as 1.5/2.0-degree front camber & castor kits.

  • Ball joints. Providing a safe, smooth ride and full control over the vehicle’s motion, ball joints play a big part in the unforgettable experience of driving a classic Mini. Our range of front ball joints for the classic Mini suspension system can be fitted to all models, including the Mini MK1, Mini Cooper, Mini Cooper S and the Mini Clubman. We also have uprated ball joints for the Mini Metro Mk1.

  • Mini tie rods. As they’re required to be attached on both ends of a steering rack to help push and pull on the front tires at the turn of the steering wheel, a great-quality set of tie rods can improve the steering of a Mini. With the driving experience and safety being paramount, our range of Mini tie rods and accessories stand out for their high-qualities and unbeatable prices.


We have plenty more parts and accessories for the Mini suspension system – Adjusta ride, bushes & bumps, mounting buses, hydrolastic, subframe fittings, swivel hubs and lower arms, radius arms & top arms. Please feel free to take a look around and don’t forget to click on each product to learn more about them (including sizing and fitting instructions)

Genuine Original Specification Parts From Mini Sport.

Here at Mini Sport, we value the history and tradition of the classic Mini. As a family-owned business, we share much of the same philosophies that the original models were produced with; namely offering a unique driving experience and a great-value price. This is precisely why we drive that extra mile to ensure that we can supply everything our customers need to recreate the feelings that these timeless cars brought to their owners.


So if you’re looking to experience the smooth drive that the classic Mini offered 60 years ago, please take the time to browse our Mini suspension parts and accessories. Have any questions about these or any of our Mini parts and spares? Give us a call today on 01282 778731 or e-mail

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  1. Spax Adjustable Coil Over Shock Absorber Front each
    Special Price US$176.35 US$146.96 Regular Price US$182.16
  2. Spax Yellow Adjustable Shock Absorbers - Lowered Front each
    Special Price US$98.75 US$82.29 Regular Price US$108.02
  3. Spax Yellow Adjustable Shock Absorbers - Rear each
    Special Price US$98.75 US$82.29 Regular Price US$108.02
  4. Spax 50th Anniversary Shock Absorbers - Paddy Hopkirk - LOWERED set of 4
    Special Price US$387.97 US$323.31 Regular Price US$396.49
  5. Poly Lower Arm Bush Kit - Red Set of 4
    Special Price US$8.11 US$6.76 Regular Price US$10.80
  6. Poly Lower Arm Bush Kit - Black Set of 4
    Special Price US$8.11 US$6.76 Regular Price US$10.80
  7. Poly Rear Subframe Bush Kit - 59-76
    Special Price US$9.19 US$7.66 Regular Price US$11.09
  8. Poly Rear Subframe Bush Kit - Black 76-01
    Special Price US$11.57 US$9.64 Regular Price US$14.29
  9. Performance Handling Kit with Koni shock absorbers
    Special Price US$582.82 US$485.68 Regular Price US$624.94
  10. AVO Adjustable Shock Absorbers Front each
    Special Price US$92.84 US$77.37 Regular Price US$100.39
  11. Suspension Cone Compression Tool - UNF
    Special Price US$19.01 US$15.84 Regular Price US$40.88
  12. Competition Uprated Rubber Suspension Cone
    Special Price US$70.09 US$58.41 Regular Price US$78.10

Items 1-12 of 318

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