Clutch Master & Slave Cylinders

Explore our Clutch Cylinder department, for all you need to repair and replace your Mini Clutch Cylinders.

Our Clutch Cylinder selections includes Master Cylinder Bulkhead Mounting Plates, Verto (1982-2001) or Pre Verto (1959 – 1982) Clutch Slave Cylinders, Clutch Seal Repair Kits and Clutch Master Cylinders with metal or plastic reservoirs. We also have a range of Brake and Clutch Cylinder Caps for Classic Minis 1959-1982, and 1982 – 2001.

All of our Classic Mini Clutch Cylinders have been manufactured using durable materials for quality and reliability. Explore more clutch parts and components in our Clutch department, including Clutch Kits, Clutch Diaphragms, Clutch Pressure Plates and Clutch Arms & Plungers for a range of Classic Mini models.

For further advice or to book your Classic Mini in for a trip to our workshop please call our friendly sales team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send us an email:


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  1. Clutch Slave Cylinder - Verto clutch 1982-2001
    Special Price US$45.55 US$37.96 Regular Price US$47.18
  2. Clutch Master Cylinder - Plastic - 1997-2001
    Special Price US$80.40 US$67.00 Regular Price US$83.70
  3. Clutch Slave Cylinder - pre verto type
    Special Price US$20.80 US$17.33 Regular Price US$22.00
  4. Clutch Master Cylinder - Metal - 1959-97
    Special Price US$108.48 US$90.40 Regular Price US$111.66
  5. Master Cylinder Bulkhead Mounting Plate - Dual Line
    Special Price US$16.67 US$13.89 Regular Price US$17.26
  6. Master Cylinder Bulkhead Mounting Plate - Mini '89on Servo
    Special Price US$19.10 US$15.92 Regular Price US$19.84
  7. Brake and Clutch Master Cylinder Cap - Sprite/Midget
    Special Price US$11.11 US$9.26 Regular Price US$11.52
  8. Brake Master Cylinder Metal Cap - Mini '59-'63
    Special Price US$11.10 US$9.25 Regular Price US$11.44
  9. Master Cylinder Mounting Plate - Mini pre '76
    Special Price US$19.93 US$16.61 Regular Price US$20.59
  10. Mini Clutch slave cylinder 'A' Series fitting kit
    Special Price US$6.11 US$5.09 Regular Price US$6.41
  11. Clutch Master Cylinder Repair Kit - Mini pre 1985
    Special Price US$15.96 US$13.30 Regular Price US$16.45

Items 1-12 of 19

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