Flywheel Housing

Here at Mini Sport, we stock new flywheel housings and end covers for classic Minis from 1980-2001 fitted with the A+ engine.

For Mini models 1959-1979 the Flywheel Housing itself is not available but we stock all parts necessary for reconditioning the original. We also supply Mounting Bolts, Lock Washers, Gaskets, Seals, Housing Breathers and Cover Plates.

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  1. spring Retainer
    Special Price US$4.16 US$3.47 Regular Price US$5.54
  2. 1st Motion Roller Support Bearing
    Special Price US$17.87 US$14.89 Regular Price US$22.33
  3. Breather Oil Seperator on Clutch Housing - 1989on
    Special Price US$22.18 US$18.48 Regular Price US$33.44
  4. Clutch Flywheel Housing A+ and Injection
    Special Price US$247.40 US$206.17 Regular Price US$264.68
  5. Needle Roller Bearing - Idler Gear - Early - 1'' O.D.
    Special Price US$5.18 US$4.32 Regular Price US$6.91
  6. Bolt 5/16"UNC X 1 3/4"
    Special Price US$3.56 US$2.97 Regular Price US$4.37
  7. Set Screw 5/16"UNC x 1"
    Special Price US$0.64 US$0.53 Regular Price US$0.71
  8. Locktab Washer - Flywheel Housing
    Special Price US$4.26 US$3.55 Regular Price US$4.94
  9. Flywheel Housing Gasket
    Special Price US$4.04 US$3.37 Regular Price US$4.21
  10. Needle Roller Bearing - Idler Gear - A+ - 1.375'' O.D.
    Special Price US$16.88 US$14.07 Regular Price US$17.48
  11. Set Screw - flywheel cover to housing
    Special Price US$0.84 US$0.70 Regular Price US$0.98

Items 1-12 of 22

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