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Mini Skins & Doors

If you’re looking to give your Mini a new lease of life; repairing old, damaged or worn parts and/or are simply looking to re-imagine the look and feel of the exterior, then you have found the right place here at Mini Sport.


We have a range of Mini skins and doors as part of our all-encompassing Mini side panels department.  Our selection of original specification replacement doors and skins can be used in all iterations of the Classic Mini – from the Mini MK1’s right through to the MPi’s and last 2001 models.

Our Range of Mini Skins & Doors

Mini Door Skins.

If any of your Mini’s door panels have been dented beyond repair, it could be the case that only the door skin has been damaged – so no need to replace the door. Aside from keeping your car in shape, replacing a damaged skin as soon as possible ensures that no internal damage is caused further down the line. Fortunately, repairing Mini doors skins is relatively straightforward – a light hammering of them to the door’s exterior is all that’s required.

So if you’re looking to replace these particular parts, why not browse our collection of Mini door skins? Attained from some of the leading heritage part manufacturers around, the Mini skins we have on sale are available in a number of different materials, designed to match the original specifications of your particular model.

Mini Doors.

If your doors have indeed suffered from serious damage, or if you simply want to replace any RH or LH doors that have worn with age, we have everything you could need amongst our range to get your Mini back to its best. Just a selection of our Mini doors includes; Mini glassfibre or carbonfibre doors, door assemblies and Minivan/Estate rear door replacements.

Mini Door Accessories.

Our additional accessories for Mini doors includes anything else you need to ensure the ongoing operation of your Mini skins and doors. As part of our selection you will find door drain tubes, door membranes and plastic door fixings – why not take a look around to see more?

Browse Mini Sport For High Quality Mini Parts and Accessories

For over 50 years, the Mini Sport team have been creating, sourcing and fitting Mini parts and accessories, establishing a world-leading business in the process. Our range of Mini skins are just a small section of the Mini accessories we have on sale, so please do browse around our website for anything else you need to ensure the optimum running of your classic car.


So no matter if you’re looking to restore the original look and feel of your Mini’s model or if you’d like to place a bespoke customisation upon it; we have everything you will need amongst our vast product range. Our dedicated Mini experts are always on hand to answer any questions you have on anything regarding your Mini – so feel free to get in touch!


You can speak to us by calling 01282 778731 or you can send an e-mail to and we’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.


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