Take care of your engine with a full range of cooling parts and systems at Mini Sport.

Our collection covers steel and plastic blade fans, the electric fans for the injection Mini’s from 1991-2001 and extra cooling fan kits from Kenlowe. From road, to race and rally use, we have a cooling fan & fan belts to suit your performance needs.

For further advice on fans and other cooling system parts for your Classic Mini, please get in touch with a member of the Mini Sport team on 01282 778731 or send us an e-mail to

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  1. Front Mounted Electric Radiator Fan - MPi - 1997-01
    Special Price US$125.20 US$104.33 Regular Price US$132.78
  2. Side Mounted Electric Radiator Fan - SPi - 1991-96
    Special Price US$148.85 US$124.04 Regular Price US$158.57
  3. 6 Blade Steel Fan
    Special Price US$58.97 US$49.14 Regular Price US$64.21
  4. 2 Blade Steel Fan
    Special Price US$10.91 US$9.09 Regular Price US$11.94
  5. 11 Blade Plastic Fan - Yellow
    Special Price US$18.66 US$15.55 Regular Price US$24.86
  6. 11 Blade Plastic Fan - White
    Special Price US$16.20 US$13.50 Regular Price US$24.86
  7. Fitting Kit - Mini Cooling Fan
    Special Price US$3.74 US$3.12 Regular Price US$4.30
  8. Mini Cooling fan fitting kit
    Special Price US$4.30 US$3.58 Regular Price US$4.91
  9. 4 Blade Steel Fan
    Special Price US$21.77 US$18.14 Regular Price US$23.87

10 Items

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