Shop a complete range of high quality Wheel Arches, Body Kit and Wheel Arch trim specifically designed and developed for Classic Mini, as part of the Mini Body & Panel department at Mini Sport. Our selection of high quality, OE and specialist Mini Wheel Arches, Wheel Arch Trim and complete Classic Mini Body Kits have been sourced and manufactured with style and reliability in mind – ensuring a dedicated range of Classic Mini parts and modifications for the contemporary Mini enthusiast.

Please note, our Wheel Arches, Wheel Arch trims and Mini Body Kits are available with a range of essential fitting parts and components, although if you would prefer to have your Mini modified professionally, our committed Mini Body Shop & Spray centre has gained international acclaim in the restoration and modification of Classic Mini’s.

For further information or advice on our Classic Mini Wheel Arches, Wheel Arch Trims & Body Kits, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the helpful Mini Sport team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send an e-mail to

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  1. Rover Cabriolet Side Skirt Brackets (6)
    Special Price US$45.68 US$38.07 Regular Price US$53.59
  2. Moulding Strip - for Fibre Glass Wheel Arch
    Special Price US$2.40 US$2.00 Regular Price US$2.72
  3. Sportspack Wheel Arch Bolt
    Special Price US$0.55 US$0.46 Regular Price US$0.77
  4. Mini Wheel Arch Rubber Finishing Strip
    Special Price US$8.81 US$7.34 Regular Price US$12.41
  5. Group 5 Race Arches set of 4
    Special Price US$101.17 US$84.31 Regular Price US$113.35
  6. Group 2 Race Arches set of 4
    Special Price US$83.20 US$69.33 Regular Price US$93.20
  7. Group 2 Rally Arches set of 4
    Special Price US$77.50 US$64.58 Regular Price US$87.25
  8. Monte Carlo Wheel Arches set of 4
    Special Price US$91.84 US$76.53 Regular Price US$103.40
  9. Stainless Wheel Arch Covers Set - Mini all models
    Special Price US$152.58 US$127.15 Regular Price US$168.96
  10. Chrome Side Sill Wheel Arch Trim - Standard Profile
    Special Price US$7.90 US$6.58 Regular Price US$9.13
  11. Genuine Sportspack Wheel Arch Rubber Seal each
    Special Price US$12.00 US$10.00 Regular Price US$12.97
  12. Black Rubber Sill Moulding Strip 1990 on
    Special Price US$9.65 US$8.04 Regular Price US$11.51

Items 1-12 of 25

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