Water Pump

It is important that your engine operates at its standard working temperature in order to perform efficiently and reliably. Water pumps are a significant part in the operation of your Mini to ensure that the engine temperature is controlled.

At Mini Sport we supply a full range of Water Pumps and fixings for direct replacement including high capacity water pumps with and without a bypass tube, water bypass hose kits, electric water pumps, water pump pulleys and bypass adapter tubes. Shop Classic Mini Water Pumps for most engine sizes and Mini models from 1959 to 2001 at Mini Sport.

Why not check out our huge range of Mini cooling system components with radiators, thermostats, radiator hoses, oil coolers, fans and cooling additives all available online here. If you need any help and advice don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our helpful team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send us an e-mail sales@minisport.com


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  1. Electric Water Pump Controller
    Special Price US$177.88 US$148.23 Regular Price US$184.68
  2. Water Pump - High Capacity - no bypass tube
    Special Price US$24.19 US$20.16 Regular Price US$24.94
  3. Water Pump - High Capacity - MPi 1997-01
    Special Price US$20.16 US$16.80 Regular Price US$24.94
  4. Water Bypass Hose Kit
    Special Price US$1.94 US$1.62 Regular Price US$2.02
  5. Pipe Windscreen Washer
    Special Price US$17.65 US$14.71 Regular Price US$18.36
  6. Bypass Adaptor Tube on Cylinder Head
    Special Price US$8.45 US$7.04 Regular Price US$9.41
  7. Water Pump Pulley 3.875'' - pre 1980
    Special Price US$110.33 US$91.94 Regular Price US$113.95
  8. Water Pump - High Capacity - with bypass tube
    Special Price US$24.19 US$20.16 Regular Price US$24.94
  9. Electric Water Pump - 80ltr/min
    Special Price US$271.08 US$225.90 Regular Price US$281.44
  10. Mini Water pump fitting kit
    Special Price US$5.59 US$4.66 Regular Price US$5.88
  11. Mini Cooling fan fitting kit
    Special Price US$4.84 US$4.03 Regular Price US$5.09
  12. Fitting Kit - Mini Cooling Fan
    Special Price US$4.24 US$3.53 Regular Price US$4.45

12 Items

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