Door Handles

For high quality interior Door Handles for Classic Mini, browse our dedicated selection, as part of the Mini Interior Trim Department at Mini Sport. Our comprehensive range of Interior Door Handles covers every finish and styling with original specification and genuine types in Burr Walnut, Charcoal and Alloy.

As part of our Classic Mini Door Handle selections,  we stock a complete range of Cooper Car Company and Paddy Hopkirk Mini Interior parts which includes Alloy Billet/ Aluminium Door Openers, Alloy Billet / Aluminium Door Pulls, Alloy Billet / Aluminium Window Winders and Alloy Billet / Aluminium Lock Covers, in a range of classic finishes. We also stock Mini Door Cards & Trim, Gearknobs, Mirrors, Pedals and Headlining Kits as part of the Mini Sport, Mini Interior Trim range. 

If you have any enquiries or require any additional advice on our Classic Mini Door Handles, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our friendly team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send an e-mail to


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  1. Burr Walnut 5 Hole Switch Panel
    Special Price US$39.05 US$32.54 Regular Price US$40.61
  2. Charcoal Door Top Cappings set of 4 PMY516
    Special Price US$220.91 US$184.09 Regular Price US$226.97
  3. Charcoal Door Pull Handles pair
    Special Price US$77.10 US$64.25 Regular Price US$79.43
  4. Charcoal Handbrake Grip
    Special Price US$53.08 US$44.23 Regular Price US$58.98
  5. Burr Walnut Door Pull Handles pair
    Special Price US$77.83 US$64.86 Regular Price US$80.21
  6. Burr Walnut Door Top Cappings set of 4
    Special Price US$200.38 US$166.98 Regular Price US$208.06
  7. 10 Piece Mini Interior Alloy Handle Set
    Special Price US$52.16 US$43.47 Regular Price US$54.35
  8. Mini Sport Lightweight Alloy Interior Door Handles pair
    Special Price US$43.86 US$36.55 Regular Price US$45.70
  9. Lightweight Alloy Door Pull Handles
    Special Price US$13.61 US$11.34 Regular Price US$14.12

Items 1-12 of 42

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Set Descending Direction