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As part of our broad Exhaust department, we offer a comprehensive selection of Clamps & Mountings to suit a huge range of Classic Mini Exhaust Systems. Browse Exhaust Fitting Kits, Exhaust U Clamps, Mounting Brackets and Exhaust Hangers in a diverse range of sizes and fittings.

These essential Exhaust fittings and components have been made from the highest quality materials, gaining notable popularity with the Maniflow fitting kits remaining a favourite throughout the Mini community – available as a Centre and Side Exhaust Fitting Kit.

If you require any further advice or information on our Exhaust Clamps & Mountings please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our helpful team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send an e-mail to

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  1. Exhaust Fitting Kit 5
    Special Price US$9.18 US$7.65 Regular Price US$11.28
  2. Exhaust Fitting Kit 6
    Special Price US$7.00 US$5.83 Regular Price US$9.16
  3. Exhaust U Clamp - 45mm
    Special Price US$1.25 US$1.04 Regular Price US$1.32
  4. Exhaust U Clamp - 54mm
    Special Price US$1.14 US$0.95 Regular Price US$1.45
  5. Sportex Y Piece Manifold Clamp - 1 5/8'' clamp
    Special Price US$2.41 US$2.01 Regular Price US$3.11
  6. Exhaust U Clamp - 51mm
    Special Price US$1.26 US$1.05 Regular Price US$1.66
  7. Exhaust U Clamp - 60mm
    Special Price US$1.15 US$0.96 Regular Price US$1.27
  8. Exhaust Fitting Kit
    Special Price US$11.15 US$9.29 Regular Price US$13.30
  9. Standard Mini 998cc Exhaust Manifold Clamp
    Special Price US$2.53 US$2.11 Regular Price US$2.88
  10. Play Mini Stainless Front Exhaust Hanger - PM48
    Special Price US$16.25 US$13.54 Regular Price US$17.57
  11. Sportex Y Piece Manifold Clamp - 1 1/2'' clamp inc bracket
    Special Price US$3.04 US$2.53 Regular Price US$3.29
  12. Exhaust Fitting Kit 3
    Special Price US$16.33 US$13.61 Regular Price US$21.77

Items 1-12 of 42

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