Brake Caliper Parts

A full range of high quality Brake Caliper Servicing and Replacement Parts for all models from the early brakes, to the Mini Cooper and Cooper S models with 10" wheels, through to the very latest Minis with 12" wheels.


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  1. Caliper Seal kit - Mini Cooper S
    Special Price US$8.27 US$6.89 Regular Price US$8.57
  2. Caliper Seal kit - Mini 998 Cooper
    Special Price US$12.67 US$10.56 Regular Price US$13.57
  3. Caliper Seal kit - Metro 4 pot brake caliper
    Special Price US$13.06 US$10.88 Regular Price US$13.60
  4. Caliper bridge seal - Mini '84on
    Special Price US$1.19 US$0.99 Regular Price US$1.26
  5. Caliper Seal kit - Alloy 4 Pot Brake Caliper
    Special Price US$10.24 US$8.53 Regular Price US$10.84
  6. Brake Caliper piston - Mini Cooper S
    Special Price US$11.38 US$9.48 Regular Price US$11.69
  7. Mini Brake Caliper Piston - Mini '84 on
    Special Price US$18.55 US$15.46 Regular Price US$19.28
  8. Caliper bridge seal - Mini Cooper S
    Special Price US$7.82 US$6.52 Regular Price US$8.02
  9. Caliper Seal kit - Mini 1984 on
    Special Price US$8.47 US$7.06 Regular Price US$8.77
  10. Brake Caliper Piston - Mini Sport 4 Pot Caliper
    Special Price US$13.62 US$11.35 Regular Price US$15.13
  11. Brake Bleed Nipple
    Special Price US$1.80 US$1.50 Regular Price US$1.98
  12. Brake Caliper Bolt
    Special Price US$0.58 US$0.48 Regular Price US$0.60

12 Items

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