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Browse a range of high quality, genuine and OE (Original Specification) Back Panels for Classic Mini, as part of our broader Mini Body & Panels department. Our selection of Back Panels for Classic Mini includes Mini Back Panels, Mini Back Panel Quarter Repairs, Mini Boot Hinge Panels and Mini Lamp Adapter Plates for all Classic Mini’s, Mini Coopers and Mini Vans.

We also stock a selection of parts and components, ideal for fitting our Back Panels. However, if you wish to have any panels replaced professionally then please take a look at our fully furnished Body Shop & Spray Centre, where are experts have gained international acclaim for their Mini Builds & Restoration projects.

For further information or advice on our Classic Mini Back Panels, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the helpful Mini Sport team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send an e-mail to


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  1. Genuine Back Panel Lower Edge Repair - 1967-2001
    Special Price US$288.60 US$240.50 Regular Price US$296.20
  2. Genuine Back Panel Assembly - Mk2/3 - 1969-1989
    Special Price US$427.86 US$356.55 Regular Price US$435.30
  3. Van Rear Panel Repair Pillar - LH
    Special Price US$3.77 US$3.14 Regular Price US$3.88
  4. MK1 Back Panel
    Special Price US$1,247.69 US$1,039.74 Regular Price US$1,313.35
  5. Lower Rear Corner Repair - LH - Mini '67-'01
    Special Price US$15.48 US$12.90 Regular Price US$16.24
  6. Boot Lid Hinge Panel - 1967-2001
    Special Price US$24.22 US$20.18 Regular Price US$25.09
  7. Rear Lamp Adapter Plate - MK1/2 - LH
    Special Price US$20.14 US$16.78 Regular Price US$21.10
  8. Genuine Back Panel Lower Half Repair - 1967-2001
    Special Price US$314.18 US$261.82 Regular Price US$322.44
  9. Genuine Back Panel 1/4 Repair - LH - 1967-2001
    Special Price US$205.79 US$171.49 Regular Price US$211.42
  10. Rear Lamp Adapter Plate - MK1/2 - RH
    Special Price US$15.38 US$12.82 Regular Price US$16.06
  11. Mini Back Panel with Mk1 Lamp Mountings
    Special Price US$476.17 US$396.81 Regular Price US$491.70
  12. Lower Rear Corner Repair - RH - Mini '67-'01
    Special Price US$15.48 US$12.90 Regular Price US$16.24

Items 1-12 of 37

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