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Take a look at the complete range of Classic Mini Door Parts & Hinges as part of the dedicated Side Panels department at Mini Sport. Our selection of genuine, OE (original specification) replacement Mini Door Parts & Hinges includes Door Glass Support Rails, Rubber Seals, Stainless Steel Door Stays, Window Regulator, Door Lock Fitting Kits, Door Check Straps and Door Latch Cover Plates.

For further information or advice on our Classic Mini Door Parts & Hinges, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the helpful Mini Sport team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send an e-mail to


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  1. Stainless Steel Door Shims
    Special Price US$12.11 US$10.09 Regular Price US$12.73
  2. Door Check Strap Bracket - Mini Mk1/2 & Commercial
    Special Price US$4.88 US$4.07 Regular Price US$5.04
  3. Retaining Plate Mk1 Door Buffer 14A6833
    Special Price US$6.89 US$5.74 Regular Price US$7.09
  4. Door Striker Plate - Mk3 1970 on
    Special Price US$6.47 US$5.39 Regular Price US$6.72
  5. Stainless Steel Door Stays
    Special Price US$46.02 US$38.35 Regular Price US$48.37
  6. Door Striker Retaining Cover Mini MK1/2
    Special Price US$5.28 US$4.40 Regular Price US$5.42
  7. Door Hinge Pin - Mk1/2
    Special Price US$1.60 US$1.33 Regular Price US$1.64
  8. Clip - Door Lock Actuating Rod
    Special Price US$6.05 US$5.04 Regular Price US$6.47
  9. Door Hinge Plates - set 4 - Plated
    Special Price US$12.72 US$10.60 Regular Price US$13.37
  10. Door Striker Plate Surrounds - Stainless Steel
    Special Price US$26.53 US$22.11 Regular Price US$27.88
  11. Screw - Nylon Door Buffer - Mini Mk1/2
    Special Price US$0.37 US$0.31 Regular Price US$0.38
  12. Door Check Strap Stiffener Plate - Mini Mk1/2 & Commercial
    Special Price US$2.95 US$2.46 Regular Price US$3.04

Items 1-12 of 53

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