Heater Matrix & Hoses

Explore our Heater Matrix and Hoses selection for a full range of Heater Matrix radiators to fit every classic Mini model including Mk1, Mk2, Mk3, Mk4 and Mk5.

We also stock a selection of rubber heater hoses, heater cables, heater matrix pipe adapter kits and cylinder head take-offs as part of our cooling & heating range to help you maintain your Mini.

For further advice on heater matrix and hoses or any other Heating & Cooling System Parts for your Classic Mini, please get in touch with a member of the Mini Sport team on 01282 778731 or send us an e-mail to sales@minisport.com

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  1. Mini Sport Alloy Heater Matrix Pipe Adapter Kit
    Special Price US$14.82 US$12.35 Regular Price US$17.39
  2. Heater Matrix - Mk5 1991-01
    Special Price US$78.06 US$65.05 Regular Price US$87.89
  3. Rubber Heater Hose 1/2'' Bore - 100cm
    Special Price US$4.81 US$4.01 Regular Price US$5.34
  4. Heater Matrix Radiator - Mini Mk4 '84-'91
    Special Price US$60.34 US$50.28 Regular Price US$72.28
  5. Heater Matrix - Mk3 1970-84
    Special Price US$63.00 US$52.50 Regular Price US$84.89
  6. Grommet Fresh Air Duct through Bulkhead
    Special Price US$6.55 US$5.46 Regular Price US$7.15
  7. Heater Matrix - Mk1/2 1964-69
    Special Price US$100.36 US$83.63 Regular Price US$112.15
  8. Heater Hose Take Off - Cylinder Head
    Special Price US$58.48 US$48.73 Regular Price US$62.71
  9. Adaptor - Heater Hose To Bottom Hose
    Special Price US$26.99 US$22.49 Regular Price US$30.59
  10. Rubber Heater Hose 5/8'' Bore - 100cm
    Special Price US$6.40 US$5.33 Regular Price US$7.25

10 Items

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