Wiring Looms

Shop complete wiring looms for all Classic Mini Models, as part of the Electrical & Lighting department at Mini Sport. We supply original specification wiring looms for all Classic Mini Models, including Mini Cooper, Mini Cooper S, Mini Clubman and Mini Vans, Traveller and Pick-up.

Our Wiring looms have been manufactured in a variety of finishes and bound in either PVC harness tape or cloth braiding, depending on the Mini model. At Mini Sport, we go to great lengths to obtain the original-type terminals for authenticity but on older vehicles this may not be possible and we use similar alternatives when necessary for bespoke wiring looms and harnesses. 

Our specialist wiring looms, serve every purpose from dash conversion to connecting the dynamo. Please note that all wiring looms can be modified or altered to suit the direct specification of your Mini’s spot lamps, rear lamps, head lamps and other electrical & lighting instruments.

For a bespoke quote or to discuss wiring loom requirements, please get in touch with a member of the Mini Sport team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send an e-mail to sales@minisport.com


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  1. Wiring Loom for Mk4 Mini 2 or 3 Clock
    Special Price US$396.28 US$330.23 Regular Price US$443.94
  2. Braided Wiring Loom - Mk1 Mini
    Special Price US$257.36 US$214.47 Regular Price US$283.19
  3. Braided Wiring Loom - Mini Pick-up
    Special Price US$293.89 US$244.91 Regular Price US$328.20
  4. Braided Wiring Loom - Mk2 Cooper 'S'
    Special Price US$282.44 US$235.37 Regular Price US$310.80
  5. Taped Wiring Loom - Mk3 Mini
    Special Price US$267.79 US$223.16 Regular Price US$299.04
  6. Bulb Holder & Wiring - for Centre Speedo
    Special Price US$12.16 US$10.13 Regular Price US$15.30
  7. Wiring Loom Mk2 Tail Harness
    Special Price US$68.46 US$57.05 Regular Price US$75.31
  8. Wiring Loom - Mini 1275 GT
    Special Price US$426.76 US$355.63 Regular Price US$478.07
  9. Wiring Loom - Mk4/5 - with pre engaged starter
    Special Price US$501.65 US$418.04 Regular Price US$561.98
  10. Centre Binacle conversion wiring loom
    Special Price US$46.54 US$38.78 Regular Price US$51.96
  11. Wiringloom Mk3 S Alt/Tape Main Har
    Special Price US$262.79 US$218.99 Regular Price US$293.47
  12. Wiringloom Mk1~S~F/Start Braid/Alt
    Special Price US$312.89 US$260.74 Regular Price US$350.51

Items 1-12 of 44

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