Grilles & Brightwork

Explore the full range of specialist and OE (original specification) Grilles & Brightwork for Classic Mini online, as part of the broader Mini Body & Panels department at Mini Sport. Our range of Grilles & Brightwork includes Bumpers, Door Handles & Locks, Door Mirrors, Fuel Caps, Gerilles, Grille Surrounds, Windscreen Wipers, Roll Cages, Towing Parts & Fitting Kits and Classic Restoration parts for all models of Classic Mini and Mini Cooper. Our Grilles & Brightwork collections have been sourced for style, functionality and reliability with a range of designs and finishes to accent your Mini.

For further information or advice on our Grilles & Brightwork, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the helpful Mini Sport team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send an e-mail to

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  1. Mini Bumper Fitting Kit - Stainless UNF
    Special Price US$2.12 US$1.77 Regular Price US$2.42
  2. Stainless Steel Quick Release Grill Buttons
    Special Price US$35.89 US$29.91 Regular Price US$41.11
  3. Aston Chrome Fuel Cap Cover
    Special Price US$26.15 US$21.79 Regular Price US$27.60
  4. Adjustable Bullet Mirror - Chrome - RH
    Special Price US$55.28 US$46.07 Regular Price US$60.74
  5. Door Mirror Fitting Adaptor Kit - RH 1980-01
    Special Price US$6.00 US$5.00 Regular Price US$6.28
  6. Locking Petrol Filler Fuel Cap - Original style
    Special Price US$15.96 US$13.30 Regular Price US$20.21
  7. Glass - quarter light - Fixed - Clear
    Special Price US$95.08 US$79.23 Regular Price US$100.39
  8. Wing Mirror - Chrome, pair
    Special Price US$40.91 US$34.09 Regular Price US$46.86
  9. Clip - Door Finisher Trims - Mini
    Special Price US$0.97 US$0.81 Regular Price US$1.08
  10. Bonnet Stripes - Screen Printed Black and White Chequer
    Special Price US$34.52 US$28.77 Regular Price US$36.28
  11. Mini Cooper 8 Bar Grille - External Release (ALA6668)
    Special Price US$74.17 US$61.81 Regular Price US$80.20
  12. Mini Cooper 8 Bar Grille - Internal Release (ALA6669)
    Special Price US$74.17 US$61.81 Regular Price US$80.20

Items 1-12 of 413

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