Mini Gear Knobs

Responsible for ensuring a comfortable drive over all sorts of differing terrain, the ability of the gear stick to be controlled with ease is vital in any manual transmission vehicle. As such, the gear knob is designed to offer the driver increased control, as they switch between gears effortlessly.


If you’re searching for Mini gear knobs that are able to combine the functionality of control, along with classic aesthetic style, then you’ve driven to the right place here at Minisport. We are proud to present our wide range of gear knobs and accessories that will enable you to customise your vehicle to how you would like it, changing those all-important gears effortlessly, making for a much better driving experience.


Whether you’re a classic Mini aficionado, wanting to restore your car to its former glory, looking to take your Mini out on the track for a unforgettable racing experience or simply want to place your own personal touch on your favourite car; we will have gear knobs and parts that will help you to achieve whatever you need.


Our Wide Range Of Mini Gear Knobs

Regardless if you’re looking to improve the interior of your Mini, or are needing to replace a part that has been worn out, our range contains a host of original specifications and genuine Mini gear knob parts from such prestigious motoring brands as Mountney, Sparco, Paddy Hopkirk Mini and of course, the Cooper Car Company.


Our collection of gear knobs for the classic Mini is able to appeal to any enthusiast. Some of the gear knob types we stock include Burr Walnut, Charcoal, Chrome and Alloy, as well as remarkable replicas of original Mini and Cooper 500 gear knob styles. Looking to take your Mini out on the racing track or rally course? We highly recommend the Sparco Racing gear knob that allows for smooth, lightning transitions for when it’s needed the most.


Why Choose Mini Sport?


Ever since the Mini became a staple of British roads back in the 1960’s, Mini Sport has been there, supplying parts and spares in order to improve the driving experience of this classic economical vehicle for our customers. Today, we are dedicated to keeping the spirit of the Mini alive and have grown to be a world-leading specialist of Mini parts and accessories, with our products shipped throughout the world.


It’s all thanks to our time in the industry that we have built up an extensive knowledge, technical ability and network of sources that allows us to attain classic Mini parts, as well as new customisations that give our customers the chance to enhance their vehicles to their specific requirements. As Mini specialists, we are able to offer you the assurance that every product we retail has been rigorously tested, giving you the satisfaction of knowing that you will receive true value for money with something that will be able to perform well, for a long period of time.


Please feel free a look around our range of Mini gear knobs and click on each individual product for further technical information. If for any reason you don’t find sufficient information, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our expert team today.


Need To Learn More? Get In Touch With us Today!


If you have any queries about any aspect of our service, you can get in touch with us by calling 01282 778731. Alternatively, you can send an e-mail to us at


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