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Providing the driver with the ability to see in dark, overcast or foggy conditions, the importance of fully functioning Mini spotlights simply cannot be overlooked. Whether you’re using your Mini to participate in competition or simply want to use it as an everyday or irregular runner, working spotlights will help to ensure safety for the passengers and pedestrians, as well as for the driver.

As world-leading classic Mini specialists here at Mini Sport, we are pleased to be able to bring you a wide range of spotlights, lamps and their accessories. With many of our products evoking the originals, they will make the ideal fit for anyone who wants to get the best from their classic Mini driving experience.

A Wide Range of Mini Spotlights and Accessories

Our comprehensive range of spot lamps, mountings and covers have been created from prestigious brands such as Cibie, Wipac and PIAA. We also stock original specification Rover Mini Cooper spot lamps for that authentic look. Just a selection of our products includes:


  • Driving Lamps and Fog Lamps – Give your car the ability to light the way in the dark or the mist, with our high quality driving lamps. Available in a range of styles to match the aesthetics of all models of the Mini, you will be able to abide by your legal requirements and fully immerse yourself in a true Mini driving experience.

  • Lamp Brackets – Helping to keep your lamps in position, having fully-working brackets is vital. The Mini lamp brackets we have on sale provide great support and rigidity, meaning less vibration and as a result, better visibility.

  • Complete Lamp Kits – If you’re looking to replace more than one of your lamps or to establish a completely new set-up altogether, we have a number of complete Mini lamp kits that have everything you need – the lights and the brackets, wiring, bolts and nuts.


Plus, you’ll be able to find Mini lamp lens’, bulbs, cables and much more – please do browse our selection of Mini spotlights and their accessories to see more.

Shop Classic Mini Parts and Accessories With Mini Sport

Our selection of Mini spotlights and accessories is only a small part of our electrical and lighting department – as part of our range, we will have everything you need to repair, restore or to customise your Mini with.

Our leading service has been established through experience – ever since the heyday of the Mini back in the 1960s, we have been providing customers with the opportunity to attain all of the parts they need to get their cars back on the road, track or rally course.

Being a family-run business, we understand the value of tradition and the importance of respecting history – both features that can be said to be at the heart of any well-maintained classic Mini. It’s through these beliefs that we have grown from the kitchen of our founder, to be a world-leading supplier of great-value Mini parts and accessories.

Need To Learn More About Our Service? Get In Touch!

Please feel free to continue to browse through our range of Mini spotlights and their accessories – make sure you click on any of the products for more information. If you have any questions you’d like to ask about any of products, our services or on Mini servicing in general, give us a call on 01282 778731. Alternatively, you can reach us by e-mail at


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  1. Stainless Works Style Lamp Bar Kit
    Special Price $170.99 $142.49 Regular Price $190.03
  2. Works Style Lamp Bar Kit with loom
    Special Price $207.88 $173.23 Regular Price $230.94
  3. Lucas Q Design 6" Lamp Cover
    Special Price $59.40 $49.50 Regular Price $64.24
  4. Lucas Lion Design 6" Lamp Cover
    Special Price $60.72 $50.60 Regular Price $66.13
  5. Lucas Q Design 7" Lamp Cover
    Special Price $57.89 $48.24 Regular Price $62.10
  6. Lucas Lion Design 7" Lamp Cover
    Special Price $59.40 $49.50 Regular Price $64.24
  7. Bulb - Spot light - H3 12V 55w
    Special Price $2.47 $2.06 Regular Price $2.88
  8. Lucas P700 Headlight Bulb 12V 50/40W
    Special Price $4.45 $3.71 Regular Price $5.17
  9. Stainless Works Style Lamp Bar
    Special Price $80.99 $67.49 Regular Price $89.38
  10. Stainless Steel Spot Lamps
    Special Price $45.77 $38.14 Regular Price $51.50
  11. Stainless Steel Fog Lamps
    Special Price $45.77 $38.14 Regular Price $51.50
  12. Inner Lamp Bracket Rover Mini Cooper
    Special Price $9.91 $8.26 Regular Price $12.38

Items 1-12 of 32

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