K&N Air Filters

Browse a huge range of replacement Air Filters from Filter specialists, K&N. K&N’s line of performance engineered Air Filters have been designed to increase horsepower and acceleration and promote longer engine life with the unique high-flow ‘washable’ Air Filter design which can be cleaned and re-used.

We stock K&N Air Filters in a wide range of shapes and sizes including cone, dome, tapered, pancake and centre hole styles with custom air filters for single or two barrel carburetors – designed for maximum performance.

As part of the K&N Air Filter department, we also supply additional Air Filter components, which include Crankcase Breather Filters, Stub Stacks and Air Filter Elements. 

For further information or fitting advice on any of our Air Filter products please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Mini Sport team on 01282 778731 or alternatively send an e-mail to sales@minisport.com


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  1. K&N Pancake Air Filter - HS2 SU Carb - 850cc
    Special Price US$132.84 US$110.70 Regular Price US$141.52
  2. K&N Stub Stack HS4 SU Carb
    Special Price US$24.85 US$20.71 Regular Price US$25.46
  3. K&N Cone Air Filter - 1.75'' HS6 SU Carb
    Special Price US$121.39 US$101.16 Regular Price US$124.40
  4. K&N Air Filter - Weber 45 DCOE - 45mm deep
    Special Price US$117.94 US$98.28 Regular Price US$121.91
  5. K&N Cone Air Filter - 1.5'' HS4/HIF38 SU Carb - 998cc
    Special Price US$115.67 US$96.39 Regular Price US$123.22
  6. K&N Cone Air Filter - 1.75'' HIF44 Carb - 1275cc
    Special Price US$125.51 US$104.59 Regular Price US$128.64
  7. K&N Crankcase Breather Filter - 51mm x 76mm
    Special Price US$35.56 US$29.63 Regular Price US$36.85
  8. K&N Air Filter Element - Injection 1992-01
    Special Price US$55.02 US$45.85 Regular Price US$58.62
  9. K&N Air Filter - Weber 45 DCOE - 83mm deep
    Special Price US$115.51 US$96.26 Regular Price US$119.41
  10. K&N 57i Air Filter Induction Kit - MPi 1997-01
    Special Price US$159.97 US$133.31 Regular Price US$170.42
  11. K&N Air Filter Element - 850cc - HS2 Carb 1959-74
    Special Price US$61.02 US$50.85 Regular Price US$65.00
  12. K&N 57i Air Filter Induction Kit - SPi 1992-96
    Special Price US$128.86 US$107.38 Regular Price US$137.27

Items 1-12 of 22

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