Inlet Manifolds

Alloy and Steel Inlet Manifolds for all Classic Minis from various brands such as SU, Weber, Play Mini, Maniflow and Mini Sport.

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  1. Maniflow Inlet Manifold - Twin HS4/HS6
    Special Price US$227.39 US$189.49 Regular Price US$249.13
  2. Weber DCOE Alloy Inlet Manifold - 6'' - Competition - Head port dia 34.3mm
    Special Price US$205.88 US$171.57 Regular Price US$222.66
  3. Mini Alloy Inlet Manifold - 1.5/1.75" Carbs
    Special Price US$49.92 US$41.60 Regular Price US$62.33
  4. Maniflow Manifold for 8 Port Cylinder Head
    Special Price US$592.32 US$493.60 Regular Price US$726.48
  5. Stud - Inlet Manifold To Carburettor - Long
    Special Price US$2.39 US$1.99 Regular Price US$2.66
  6. Hot Air Shroud
    Special Price US$7.07 US$5.89 Regular Price US$7.69
  7. Inlet Manifold - Twin HS2 SU
    Special Price US$128.58 US$107.15 Regular Price US$145.19
  8. Weber DCOE Alloy Inlet Manifold - 6''
    Special Price US$176.63 US$147.19 Regular Price US$194.34

8 Items

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