Throttle Cables

Quality selection of Throttle Cables for all models of Classic Mini whether it is an MPi, SPi, 1275cc or 998cc

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  1. Mk1 Throttle Cable Bracket
    Special Price US$11.89 US$9.91 Regular Price US$12.50
  2. Clip - accelerator cable & heater cable to rocker cover - Mini SPI
    Special Price US$7.13 US$5.94 Regular Price US$7.51
  3. Nut - Metric M6 Fine
    Special Price US$0.28 US$0.23 Regular Price US$0.30
  4. Washer - plain - throttle return spring mounting
    Special Price US$0.37 US$0.31 Regular Price US$0.41
  5. Strap - accelerator cable tie
    Special Price US$0.32 US$0.27 Regular Price US$0.36
  6. Throttle Cable - SPi - LHD 1992-95
    Special Price US$12.70 US$10.58 Regular Price US$13.37
  7. Throttle Cable - SPi - RHD 1992-95
    Special Price US$11.86 US$9.88 Regular Price US$12.38
  8. Throttle Cable - MPi - RHD 1996-01
    Special Price US$16.62 US$13.85 Regular Price US$17.38
  9. Washer - anti rattle for throttle/ choke cable
    Special Price US$0.67 US$0.56 Regular Price US$0.76
  10. Clip - throttle cable retaining
    Special Price US$2.30 US$1.92 Regular Price US$2.44
  11. Locknut - throttle pedal mounting - RHD
    Special Price US$0.65 US$0.54 Regular Price US$0.67
  12. Pedal - accelerator - RHD - Mini Spi
    Special Price US$79.00 US$65.83 Regular Price US$83.41

Items 1-12 of 25

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