Layshaft - 4 Synchro - Standard - A Series

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A series Mini 4 synchro rod and remote change gearbox layshaft

A new standard layshaft for A series Mini 4 synchro rod and remote change gearboxes. An uprated version is also available, see C-22A1738.

When changing the layshaft you should also replace the needle roller bearings that it runs in. For this one you will need 2x CHM141 and an 88G396.

Earlier 3 syncro Mini gearboxes use a 22A1371 layshaft and 2x 88G396 bearings. The later A+ 4 synchro gearbox uses a DAM3187 layshaft with a 13H9513 bearing and a CHM141 bearing.

Alternatively, if you are carrying out a full gearbox rebuild, we have available a reconditioning kit - MS4019 - or a full bearing kit - MS4018.

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