1293cc Stage 3 Mini Engine & Gearbox

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A fully built and ready to fit stage 3 1293cc big bore engine and gearbox for Classic Mini models.
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BBK1293S3EG Mini Sport 1293cc Stage 3 Mini Engine & Gearbox
1293cc Stage 3 Mini Engine & Gearbox

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US$8,961.36 US$7,467.80


    The dynamic 1293cc Engines were originally developed in our own Mini's way back in the 1960’s. As you would expect, we have continued to develop and improve these engines making them just as popular for today’s exciting breed of Classic Mini's.

    Every 1293cc engine we produce goes through the same meticulous process listed below, ensuring the Mini Sport quality and reliabilty guarantee!

    As ever, for help with any of our online services, or for friendly product advice please e-mail us, or phone  +44 (0) 1282 778731.

    Mini Sport 1293cc fully built Mini engine & gearbox Stage 3 specification.

    Expertly Built
    Mini Sport technicians with many years of experience, assemble the engines using all components in engine kits, plus some additional parts for the perfect finished product: alloy rocker cover, water pump, timing cover and oil filter.

    1275cc Cylinder Block

    Carefully selected and high pressure chemically cleaned. Overbored & cross-hatch honed to 1293cc. Refaced. New cam bearings, core plugs and oil gallery plugs fitted. Painted & inspected.

    1275cc Crankshaft
    Carefully selected, then high pressure chemically cleaned.  Reground and journals polished. Dynamically balanced. (Stage 3 crankshafts are nitrocarburised heat treated)

    Shell Bearings
    Top quality Glyco shell bearings and thrust washers.

    1275cc Con-Rods
    Carefully matched set. Fully reconditioned, sizes and alignment checked. Individually balanced. 

    Top quality AE pistons. Individually balanced and fitted to con-rods.

    Camshaft and Followers
    1293cc uses Mini Sport Performance CA4 camshaft and new heavy duty followers.

    Mini Sport 1275 Performance Stage 3 Cylinder Head
    used for all 1293cc, 1400cc (1380cc) Stage 3 engines 

    Oil Pump
    New high capacity type where applicable.

    Complete gasket set for assembly.

    New rocker shaft, duplex timing gear and chain set, timing chain tensioner, lock tabs, cam locating plate, oil pressure release valve and spring, breather timing cover, alloy rocker cover and polished cap, t bars, water pump and spark plugs

    Crankshaft and flywheel assembly dynamically balanced. Con-rods and Pistons balanced individually.

    Buy top quality Classic Mini engines, spares and parts from Mini Sport, the worlds premier online Mini store!

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