4 Synchro Straight Cut C/R A Series Rod Kit

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4 synchro straight cut gear kit - rod

4 Synchro Straight Cut Gear Kit - Rod change gearbox

Superior quality four synchromesh, straight cut gear sets, designed to incorporate the original Special Tuning gear ratios and materials whilst at the same time using 2nd millennium technology to create competition gears to the highest standard. For race, rally and other high stress applications.

Straight cut gears are simply stronger and more efficent by reducing transmission power loss, than the alternative helical cut gears, making them perfect for competion use.

Helical cut gears are much quieter that is why they are the choice for road use.

Kit includes:

* 1st gear - 29 teeth, Ratio - 2.54:1

* 2nd gear - 25 teeth, Ratio - 1.73:1

* 3rd gear - 22 teeth, Ratio - 1.25:1

* 1st motion shaft (4th gear) - 19 teeth

* Reverse idler - 17 teeth, Ratio - 2.69:1

* Laygear - 25, 23, 19, 15, teeth

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